Trophy Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, &
Bighorn Sheep Hunts
Trophy Dall Sheep Hunts

Our hunts take place in Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. As formerly the largest outfitter in the Northwest Territories, we know all of the best outfitters in this part of the world personally, and we work with only the best. In some areas these hunts can be combined with Barren Ground or Mountain Caribou, Alaska-Yukon Moose, and Grizzly Bear.

Hunt #1.   Great hunt for trophy rams in the Brooks Range, based out of Bettles. Backpack style hunt. Please be in shape. Very knowledgeable outfitter.  Hunt is videotaped, whenever possible. One of our favorites.

Hunt #2: Yukon horseback hunt in a great game area. Outfitter owns several areas, encompassing several thousand square miles. Cabins and spike camps. Great hunts for big rams.

Hunt #3:  Hunt the Alaska Range with a Master Guide specializing in trophy sheep. First class operation. Outfitter also has exceptional waterfowl hunting from his lodge in Yakutat. One of our favorite Alaskan outfitters.

Hunt #4:   Based out of Healy, Alaska, hunt the central Alaska Range on horseback for trophy Dall Sheep. Excellent mixed bag area. This is the premier horseback hunt in Alaska.

Hunt #5:   Hunt the McKenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories with one of our best sheep outfitters. Horseback and backpack hunts available, also chopper access, if requested. Great hunt, one of our favorites. Many valleys in this area have never seen a hunter.


 Trophy Stone Sheep Hunts 
Hunt #1:  Excellent hunt for big rams in the Pelly and Cassiar Mountains of the southern Yukon. Hunt can be done either on horseback or backpack. Mountain Caribou and Grizzly Bear can be harvested on a trophy fee basis.



Hunt #2:   For many years, this ladey outfitter has operated one of the best areas in North America for quality Stone Sheep hunting. This is one of the most rugged, beautiful, and pristine areas in all of North America. This Stone Sheep hunt is as good as it gets.


 Hunt #3:  With two side-by-side areas in northeastern British Columbia, this 3500 square miles of exclusive guiding area is one of the best for trophy Stone Sheep and mixed bag hunts including elk, moose, mountain goat, grizzly, mountian caribou and black bear. Horseback hunts and cabin accommodations, with tents used if required in more remote regions.  Excellent outfitter.

A Stone Mountain Safaris Photo A Stone Mountain Safaris Photo 
Hunt #4:  This is one of the best stone sheep hunts in North America. This 5,000 square mile guide area in northern British Columbia is known for heavy based rams.  The hunts are 14 days, 1x1 guided, and include the harvest of a Black Bear and Wolf.  You can turn this into a mixed bag hunt by adding on caribou, moose, elk or mountain goat, depending on the hunt dates you choose. This is a fantastic hunt with a first class outfitter.

Hunt #5:  This is one of the finest Stone Sheep hunting areas in the Yukon. Excellent outfitter, we have worked with him for nearly 25 years. Spectacular horseback hunt in the Pelly Mountains, one of our best for big rams. Please book well in advance. Air Charter and license included.

Trophy Bighorn Sheep and
Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting
Hunt #1: Looking to complete your grand slam?  We have worked with this great Mexican outfitter for over a decade, and he has never let our clients down. First class hunt in all respects. Hunts are in the western Sonoran Desert or the Baja Penninsula. Over 450,000 acres of private hunting land. 4WD, hiking and horseback. Ranchhouse and tent accommodations. Price includes 2 guides per hunter, translator, backpackers, cook and camp helper. Please book well in advance. Trophy Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt is 10 days, 1x1 guided.

Hunt #2:  This hunt takes place in the breathtaking, pristine alpine wilderness of southeast British Columbia.  Hunt full curl minimum rams this fantastic guide area which includes the Coyote Creek Drainage as well as a portion of Top of the World Provincial Park and Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park.  This hunt will challenge even the most dedicated hunter both physically and mentally.  You can hunt the rams in early September in the scenic high alpine basins while they are still in their summer habitat and bachelor groups, or try your luck in October when the rams begin to travel due to bad weather and the rut in search of ewes.  Hunt price includes lodging; meals; transport to/from camp to Cranbrook, BC; license; tags; guide service and field prep of trophies.  Hunt is 12 days, and includes the harvest of a mule deer.

 Hunt #2:  Hunt bighorn in Wildlife Management Unit #410- which is a bow-only area near Cranbrook- with Guinn Outfitters, the oldest hunting company in Alberta.  This is the only area in the province that allows non-residents to hunt sheep during the rut in November.  Hunts are 14 or 21 days, and are 2x2 guided. Hunter should be in fair hunting shape.  Camps are set up close to the migration route from Banff National Park to winter and rutting range.  Hunters and guides hunt their way into camp while all camping supplies and hunters' gear is flown into camp using helicopters. Great hunt. Limited number of tags available each season, so book early.

Hunt #3:   This is our best Bighorn Sheep hunt for hunters that don't want to fool around with a license drawing. Located in southern British Columbia, this outfitter has consistently produced great rams for our clients. Full curl minimum area. Books 2-3 years in advance. Hunts are 10 days, 1x1 guided.

Hunt #4:  This is a horseback hunt in the Alberta wilderness just east of Jasper National Park. This is a great adventure and a terrific hunt for bighorn sheep. Main camp is a two day ride in on horseback.  No drawing required here. May add on a bull elk on a trophy fee basis.